Meditation and Hypnosis


Mindfulness Meditation can form an important element of the counselling process. It is a form of mental training that cultivates non-judgmental observation, patience, trust, open-mindedness, self-compassion and non-attachment. People engaged in meditation usually feel a deep sense of relaxation. Research has shown that mindfulness practices can have a significant positive impact on personal well-being, including an improved ability to deal with stress, clearer focus, increased positive emotion, and better sleep.




Hypnotherapy is similar to meditation but with a more specific goal in mind. The hypnotherapist helps the client to achieve a deep level of relaxation – a trance-like state. Post-hypnotic suggestion is then used to help the client begin to achieve a predetermined goal, such as weight loss or smoking cessation. Research has shown that hypnotherapy is effective in a variety of conditions, including anxiety, stress management, depression and pain management.



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